The Kit

    • Keep your skin protected, hydrated and clean with our unique formulas ideal for active lifestyles and athletes. Rest assured that you are getting the best skincare solution for sweating skin.
    • Created with the intention of offering quality products with safe and effective ingredients for conscious athletes. The set consists of a simple routine that will give your skin what it needs to prevent and achieve a hydrated, protected, and acne-free skin.
    • All of our products are made with green tea extract, shea butter, and white ginger-lily root extract.
    • You won't regret taking care of your skin!
    • Paraben-Free, Gluten-Free, No animal testing
    • Start the day by cleansing your face with our facial cleanser and protecting it from broad-spectrum exposure with our tinted mineral sunscreen SPF 30. Cleanse after exercising and before going to sleep to apply our facial hydrating serum.

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    Skincare for athletes


    Special skincare routine for active lifestyles


    Did you know your skin is your largest organ? 

    Whether you go for an outdoor jog or spinning class, investing in a healthy skin barrier is key to achieving a natural radiant glow! 


    STEP 1skincare for athletes


    Our facial cleanser washes away sweat-impurities, dirt, oil, and makeup. Its gentle formula maintains proper levels of hydration while washing away sweat, and reducing post-workout redness.


    STEP 2skincare for athletes


    Our tinted mineral sunscreen will give your face a natural look while providing high broad-spectrum protection! Its non-comedogenic formula will let your skin sweat naturally! This tinted sunscreen is made with Zinc Oxide, avoiding the harsh chemicals often found in sunscreens.


    STEP 3skincare for athletes


    Our lightweight and fast-absorbing serum will deeply hydrate your skin to brighten and improve your skin's texture and tone! 




    • Green tea extract, white ginger-lily root extract and shea butter
    • Helps protect and maintain a healthy skin
    • Ideal for active lifestyles
    • Natural Ingredients
    • Everyday use

        skincare for athletes

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