Did You Know?

Curious Facts About Skincare


Skin Aging Statistics

  • According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, an estimated 90% of skin aging is caused by the sun.
  • People who use sunscreen daily with an SPF of 15 or higher, show 24 % less skin aging than those who do not use sunscreen daily.
  • Sun damage is cumulative. About 23% of lifetime exposure occurs by age 18.


UV Radiation Statistics

  • About 90% of nonmelanoma skin cancers are associated with exposure to UV radiation from the sun.
  • More than 5.4 million cases of nonmelanoma skin cancer were treated in over 3.3 million people in the U.S. in 2012.
  • More people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year in the U.S. than all other cancers combined.
  • One in five Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70.
  • The annual cost of treating skin cancers in the U.S. is estimated at $8.1 billion; about $4.8 billion for nonmelanoma skin cancers.


Air Pollution Statistics

  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 92% of people around the world live in cities that do not comply with air quality standards.


Blue Light Exposure Statistics

  • On average, Baby boomers (ages 45-65) spend 6.2 hours daily on digital devices.
  • On average, Gen X (31-45) spend 6.9 hours daily on digital devices.
  • On average, Millennials (16-30) spend 8.8 hours daily on digital devices.


Did you know?

  • Skin reflects our overall health.
  • Skin is the largest organ of the body.
  • Our skin sheds dead skin cells daily, it creates a new layer of skin every 28 days.
  • Essential skin proteins like collagen, keratin, and elastin are protected by sunscreen. These proteins are required for keeping the skin smooth and healthy.
  • A 20-year-old loses collagen in her face at the same rate as a 40-year-old. By using the right products right away, you can help delay collagen loss and other signs of aging.
  • Water makes up 50 to 70 percent of our skin total weight. That’s why hydration is vital for making skin look youthful
  • Lipids are a natural fat that makes your skin’s outer layer moist and healthy. Using products with harsh ingredients will deplete your natural lipids and dry your skin out. Therefore, it is essential to use products with high-quality ingredients.