24 Hours

24 Hours

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You only have 24 hours in a day, make every second count.

This is how...

Doctor´s appointment, dinner with friends, balanced meals, playdates, work, workout, family time, date night, teacher’s appointment, field trip, travel, me time, yoga, spiritual time. Ahhhh! I need more hours in a day.

I’m a mother of two and most days I manage a lot of activities in one day, but there are some days that I wish that I had more than 24 hours.

I love going to bed at night knowing that I had a productive, loving day. My priority is, and always will be, my kids, my husband and the rest of my extended family. I love dropping off and picking up my kids from school, I love taking them to their extracurricular activities, and most of all I love playing with them and hearing them laugh. During my me time, I enjoy working out every day, spending time on my own projects, watching my series, and reading books, and if possible (I wish It were more often), spend time with my friends. These are just some of the activities that I try to squeeze in 24 hours; sometimes I achieve it and sometimes I don’t.


Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your 24 hours

  1. Plan your tasks and schedule for the following day before going to bed
  2. Sleep your 8 hours
  3. Wake up early and the first thing you have to do is give THANKS
  4. Eat a healthy breakfast
  5. Work out
  6. Use any extra time to read
  7. Learn how to say no
  8. Don’t try too hard to multitask, it is better to focus on one thing and avoid getting distracted
  9. Try minimizing screen time
  10. Set goals
  11. Listen to motivational podcasts in traffic like Jay Shetty
  12. Wherever you are, be all there
  13. Smile
  14. Before you go to bed power off, keep your phone away
  15. Give THANKS for everything you have accomplished during the past 24 hours.

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