The Ideal Age

The Ideal Age

January 23, 2019 0 Comments

My purpose here is to motivate you to take action…

Throughout our lives, we have often wondered what is the ideal age, that stage in which we will be as happy as possible and we will enjoy things to their fullest.

Many of us long for the age when we will have the capacity to become financially independent and have the possibility to fulfill our dreams with our own possibilities.

We try so hard to reach this goal and many times this means overworking ourselves. Time goes by and we often forget to enjoy the present. This is why I want to invite you to reflect on the ideal age. 
Most of us relate the ideal age with some extraordinary event that has happened to us at some stage of our lives, sometimes we would like to go back in time or advance it until the moment we imagine that we have triumphed in life, but these are simple fantasies that only affect our daily life.

Many times we think that our childhood is the ideal stage because we are full of innocence and we appreciate the simplest details that make us happy, details of which we may not notice in adulthood.

When we grow up something happens…

Not everything fills us with happiness and we are full of worries, maybe distractors prevent us from appreciating things. Some say that the best stage is youth because you are full of dreams and energy. Which is even better than adulthood. On the other hand, other people say that they were never happier than when they were married.
One day I talked with my mother about this topic and she told me that her present stage in life is beautiful: her children are getting married and she can meet with her old friends to talk about their lives, but that stage doesn't compare to her youth, her childhood. That's why each person should enjoy their present day and strive to fulfill their own dreams.

For me, there is no ideal age, because throughout our whole life we are going to have conflicts.

For me, all stages of life are ideal and we have to enjoy them equally for what they are. Many times in the hope to reach our desired "ideal age" we forget to enjoy the present. However, "the best moments of our life, the best age, depends on each of us "

"He who does not know how to enjoy happiness when it comes to him, should not complain if it passes."

I think we should think back and reflect if we, as people, have really enjoyed the good times or have simply wasted them. Enjoying life is learning to be happy to the fullest. Being happy is a decision. It is learning to value life and learn to live in the present. Each one of us here has a life plan and it is our responsibility to make the decisions that are going to fulfill it. 

We must strive to enjoy our every day even if that means working. 
I advise you to remember this article when you are having a bad day, so that you can take advantage of your own time and do the great things that you want to achieve.

I know that if we follow these tips, the day will come when we will not regret having followed them and it will be at that moment when we will come to understand that there is no ideal age for life.

Long story short…

There was once a man who started working very young at a company. His goal was to be the CEO, and only cared about matters concerning the company. He got married and had two children, but he did not worry much about his family because he was doing an excellent job, constantly going up the ranks and increasing his position. The time came when his son's graduated from college, and the man was only one step away from the position he so sought. His children got married and, finally, the man fulfilled his dream and became CEO of the company, but at a cost, he had never felt more alone in his whole life. He had no relationship with his children or his wife, he had never lived in the present, nor enjoyed his life. 

If by now I have not managed to convince you that the ideal age does not exist, I want to invite you to visualize yourself when you are old and analyze if you have fulfilled your goals before it is too late.

Sometimes it is necessary to realize that the time we have left is not to be wasted.

Do not follow the same example of that man who never became happy because of his enormous ambition, and find happiness in your daily life.

I think it's up to you to enjoy the present and not to look back or worry about the future.

During the time I've lived, I realized that these have been the best years of my life and I will continue make every day the best of all.

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